Do Anti-Snore Chin Straps Actually Work?

For the 90 million Americans who snore the struggle is real-find some way to reduce the snoring and enjoy a better night’s sleep. The struggle is just as real for the partners of those who snore, as night-in and night-out they are jarred awake by the rumblings coming from the other side of the bed.

About half of snorers suffer from sleep apnea, a serious condition that requires medical attention. The other half? They’re left to fend on their own, which in part led to the plethora of devices on the market promising to cure the dreaded zzzzs.

One such device, manufactured by Mars Wellness, is the anti-snore chin strap

and the most common question we get is, “will it stop my husband from snoring so I can get a decent night’s sleep for a change”?! The answer? If he’s a mouth snorer then yes, there is a good chance that it will. To understand the answer we need to discuss the various types of snorers.

1. Mouth Snorers-if you sleep with your mouth open and snore it means you’re breathing through your mouth when you sleep; the snoring comes from the air hitting the soft tissue at the back of your throat.

If this is your issue an anti-snore chin strap will do wonders for you. The chin strap will hold your mouth closed and force you to breathe through your nose. Make sure your nose is clear before you go to sleep and enjoy a peaceful, refreshing night’s sleep.

How do you know if you’re a mouth snorer? Use this simple test: try making a snoring sound with your mouth closed. If you can’t then you’re a mouth snorer and this easy, cost-effective solution is for you.

2. Nasal Snorers-if you can still make a snoring sound with your mouth closed it likely means you’re a nasal snorer. Go and hold one nostril closed, and keep your mouth closed. If you have trouble breathing there are a couple of solutions, based on the diagnosis of the problem.

The problem may be allergy related in which case you should try and rid the room of any allergens or take allergy medicine to help get rid of the issue. If you have sinus issues you may be best off with nasal dilators or breathe-right, which help keep your nasal passage open and clear throughout the night.

3. Throat Snorers-if both of the above tests don’t work you’re likely a throat snorer in which case the solution is a bit more complicated. Solving the issue generally includes a lifestyle change such as weight loss or stopping smoking and alcohol intake. Changing sleep positions from sleeping on your back to your side may help as well.

Here are some more frequently asked questions related to the anti-snore chin strap:

Does it stay on the head all night? It may take a couple of nights to get used to, and to find the exact placement on your head-everyone’s head is shaped a bit differently. Once you find your comfort zone it should be staying on all night.

Is it latex free? Yes, the product is latex free.

Is this a fit for all sizes? The strap is fully adjustable and fits virtually all heads.

My aim is to prevent my mouth from opening throughout the night causing dry mouth. Will this strap do that? Yes it will. While there is some give, the purpose of the strap is to hold your mouth shut during the night and this will help for those who have dry mouth as well.

I had my strap for 3 nights, it worked fine at first but now seems to be getting loose. Anyone else have this problem? There may be some give but since our straps are adjustable you just need to simply adjust it, and make it a little tighter.

Has anyone been able to quit using their CPAP machine in favor of this device? This would work best with your CPAP machine if you constantly get dry mouth. It will hold your mouth closed, forcing you to breathe through your nose.

Are you still able to breathe through your mouth at all? You can easily open your mouth. The device stops the jaw from opening involuntarily while you sleep and forces breathing up to the nose.

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