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Health And Wellness

Sleep Mask and Earplug Set-Great for Travel

A great night’s sleep is there for the taking with the Mars Wellness Sleep Mask and Earplug Set. Are the neighbors noisy? Do you need to sleep during the day? Travel a lot? Whatever your circumstances may be, you can now block out light and noise so you get the rest you need.

The sleep mask and earplugs come with a convenient carry case, while the eraplugs have their own hard case as well.

Latherz All-in-One Bathing Sponge

The perfect on-the-go item for a fresh, clean feel. The MARS Wellness Latherz cloth is an all-in-one bathing sponge that gives you the shower-clean feel without the shower, Latherz has the full bubbly effect so you aren’t just getting a wipe down, but a full body cleanse.

Perfect for baby needs, camping and for those whose mobility issues make showering near impossible.