How to Get the Right Mindset to Keep Your Fitness Goals

As children, we all made big dreams. We would grow up to be whoever we wanted to be, and there was nothing we couldn’t do! As adults, we still have dreams but we often bury them deep within. Or perhaps we dare to dream, but we never tell anyone because we’re afraid of what other people might say. That childlike part of you is still there, even if you try to push it away – and it is incredibly useful in helping you achieve what you want in life.

When it comes to setting and keeping a health & fitness goal, such as losing weight and/or exercising more, it can be helpful to remember that child version of ourselves. There is a part of you that likes to dream big, believes anything can happen, and has faith that you can get there if you try.

Here are some other ways you can start changing your mindset and getting clear on your vision and goals:

Be authentic

Align your actions and thoughts with your goal – and start living it. Don’t stress over how the other people in your life would act in your situation. Don’t think about how your favorite celebrity trainer might respond. Just be yourself and do what works for you. If you feel good and you’re motivated, you’ll eventually make your resolution happen – on your own terms.

Define success – on your own terms

What does success mean to you? Not to your family, not to your fitness trainer, but to you. It might not be a number on a scale. It might not be squeezing into a certain size dress. It might just be adopting healthier eating habits or working out each week. Again, don’t worry about what other people in your life would say here; your life and your goals are about what feels good to you.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Act as though you are already living the life you want to live, with optimum health, physically fit, at your ideal weight. Make a daily practice of actually taking steps towards this vision. Live as though you are already on the path you want to be on, and eventually you’ll realize you’re not even faking it anymore. You’re just living it.

Create a Vision Board

Vision boards bring clarity about your vision, and are a great visual reminder to keep you motivated each day. Best of all, there are no rules to vision boards. They can have images of whatever or whomever you want. They can be any size, large or small. They can even be digital, thanks to websites like Pinterest. Just remember not to get too carried away here. Pinterest is great, but if you spend all your time “pinning” inspirational images, you’ll never make time to actually work towards your goal. Stop visualizing and start doing!

Try to resist the urge to compare yourself to others during your journey. There is no “pinnacle” for health and fitness. Just focus on yourself. Follow these steps and take tangible actions. You can have an absolutely incredible year and achieve all of your health and fitness goals. Remember, your inner child is cheering you on!

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